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kKrows now welcomes up-and-coming reggae and punk artist to submit for endorsement. Being endorsed by kKrows is very easy!



  • Artists must submit 1-3 songs to for consideration.

  • Songs must be appropriate for all ages. (Don't submit songs with strong language, references to violence or discriminatory language).

  • If chosen, an Artist Release Form must be signed by the artist/band's representative.

  • All artists must be 18+ or submit a parental consent form to be considered.

  • The band's who's songs we select will be officially endorsed by kKrows.

  • All endorsed artists/bands will receive a welcome package.

  • All endorsed artists/bands will receive a unique promo code to get kKrows merchandise at large discounted rates.

  • kKrows may use your music in various promotional videos and provide credit by either hashtags or links whenever possible.

  • Your music will also be featured under our event's page.

  • We encourage all endorsed bands to hashtag #kKrows on relevant social media posts.

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